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This week at Bradley O’Mahoney


OUR FOCUS: Reputation to the power of six

Have you ever played six degrees of separation? The game is based on a theory that everybody on earth is no more than six introductions away from any other person. Whilst mostly played for fun to work out how celebrities know each other, social networking services are proving there is some truth in the six degree concept.

For instance, the next time you log-on to LinkedIn, take a look at the number in ‘Your LinkedIn network’ showing how many professionals you’re potentially connected with, we bet it’s in the millions. Applying the degrees rule to business, just think of the benefits that could lay six potential steps away and can be accessed via networking, referral and good old-fashioned conversation.

Consider how much of your current business has been won through cold calls and faceless pitches. Now think about how often new business conversations begin with “You’ve been recommended…”, “We heard of you from…” or even something as simple as “Do you know so and so? Me too.”

For those of you reading this with one foot firmly in the first category, perhaps it’s time to think more about this theory.

Former clients are your best starting point to connecting with others. They are the people that have experienced your business and bought-in to your skills and services. Like the rest of us, they appreciate great service and the vast majority have no problem in providing you with a testimonial or remembering your business when they hear of potential opportunities.

However, also bear in mind that people are even quicker to remember a bad experience and you could find your name spreading through the proverbial grapevine for all the wrong reasons!

There’s a very well-known saying that ‘reputation arrives on foot and leaves on horseback’, what it fails to take into account is how many people hear the retreat of the hooves… and how many people they go on to tell.

Whether good or bad, we firmly believe in the power of word of mouth and it’s impact on business generation. How about you?

Headlines of the week

Well it has been raining…“Monarch makes a splash on TV” (Express, 4 May 2012)

FINALLY: Mapping out Her Majesty

When we think of popular travellers we think of names such as Bear Grylls, Ray Mears or even Judith Chalmers. Now it turns out there’s one other well-known personality that’s had her passport stamped more times than most.

Queen Elizabeth II has visited some 116 countries over the past 60 years. To celebrate this and commemorate her Diamond Jubilee year, the BBC has come up with a quirky webpage that allows you to compare your own globe-trotting efforts with that of Her Royal Highness.

As a collective office we managed a paltry 48, travel agency here we come!

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